Newcastle Map

The Newcastle map is a user friendly wall-map that is printed in full-colour. Areas on this wall-map are classified to indicate commercial business areas, parks, nature reserves, cemeteries, urban areas and industrial areas. The map illustrates major routes, roads, railway lines, schools, shopping centres, municipal services, medical facilities, sports facilities, open green-spaces, suburb and municipal boundaries, and points of interest.

The map covers Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs which include:

  • Airport Industrial
  • Amajuba Park
  • Arbor Park
  • Aviary Hill
  • Barry Hertzog Park
  • Central
  • Equarand
  • Fairleigh
  • Fernwood
  • Ghandi Park
  • Hutten Heights
  • Lennoxton
  • Ncandu Park
  • Paradise
  • Pioneer Park
  • Riverside Industrial
  • Schuinshoogte
  • Signal Hill
  • Sunnyridge
  • Sunset View
  • Suryaville
  • Vlam

Map scale: 1:20 000

Format: Full colour printed

Size: 841mm X 594mm

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