Mapping Services We Offer

We understand the complexities of a modern economy, therfore, we offer mapping services to convert complexities into real business solutions using spatial information.

Spatial Information Is The Answer To The Worlds Problems

Within the industries where we operate, we have found that many businesses fail to implement spatial information in their service offerings. From our experience, we have also found that information managers have a poor understanding of the market in which they operate or they undervalue the importance of spatial information. Spatial information can be used as a tool to solve many problems that industries need answers to. Here, we assist businesses by implementing spatial or map solutions which can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

“We are always listening, therefore, our products and solutions can be personalised to meet our clients needs.”

Service Offerings


Our maps conform to high cartographic standards. This makes our maps easy to read, relevant, and it tells a better story.

Map Production

We handle the complete map production process from capturing spatial data, indexing, clean up, to the final map that is produced in either digital or in printed format.

Data Management

We manage all types of data and information. We are able to integrate traditional non-spatial data with our spatial solutions. This improves data intelligence by optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and to drive innovation.


Currently, we provide street address geocoding services for South African businesses or residential homes which is then linked to their physical coordinates. We offer discounted pricing for bulk geocoding.

Data Capture

Our team is experienced in capturing all types of raw data and spatial information which then gets transformed into meaningful maps.

Data Research

We are able to research and verify many different types of raw data and information to improve our service offerings. Data which has been researched validates our maps which makes them more reliable.


As specialists in our field, we are well experienced in drafting. Accurate technical drawings are important in the early design process of a map. Our drafting service mainly focuses on capturing spatial data for maps but it can be extended to other products.

Advertising Solutions

Communicate and promote your product, service or brand on our maps. We offer competitive advertising on our map products which brings value to both our maps and your business or organisation.

Map Products

We use unique, custom-built tools which give our products an added advantage

The types of maps that we produce include physical maps, topographic maps, road maps from localised street level to regional level scale (town, city, province, country maps), political maps, climate maps or economic maps.

Our products are suitable for:

Wall maps are ideal for hanging up on walls, or to be folded for convenience. Wall maps have an edge over digital internet based maps because they can be used to visualise the whole area at a single glance.

Our map books are done by special request for any town in South Africa. Map books are ideal for convenience. Contact us for more information.

Our maps are ideal for telephone directory production. These maps improve the user friendliness of telephone books, and they are ideal for pin pointing the location of businesses or people.

We are able to create beautifully designed calendar maps for any town, city or province in South Africa. Calendar maps are ideal for any office environment.

Our maps are ideal for use in digital applications (internet mapping and mobile mapping). Contact us for more information.

For all enquiries please contact us