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We offer the South African business sector with scalable and results-driven spatial products and services with an aim to bring value to our clients. In turn, our products and services enables our clients to strategically provide value-added services to their clients in return.

Map World

business growth

Our mission

“At Map World, our mission is to create meaningful map products which in turn encourages innovation, creativity and business growth.”




Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Team members

4 and growing

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Why work with us?

In a fast-moving world in which we live in, there is a demand for spatial or map information which is up to date and relevant. This is where we step in. 

We are passionate about creating maps. Our maps are created on demand which means that they are up-to-date using verified data that has been researched by us before a map is published. This makes our maps more accurate and it allows the map to tell the reader a better story.

Our operational timeline

Our company values

Maintain honesty and integrity
Always keep promises & build trust
Stay committed
Stay loyal
Always be fair to clients and staff
Respect must be maintained, always
Strive for excellence
To uphold our reputation
Be accountable
Stay creative
Innovate when possible
Continuous learning

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