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Look it up! is a comprehensive business services finder targeted at the Phoenix community.

Enable your business to market it’s products and to keep in touch with existing and future customers by:

  • Affordable advertising
  • Full colour brochure on gloss paper
  • Map of Phoenix showing the location of your business
  • 10 000 Printed copies
  • Door-to-door distribution which puts your advertisement in the hands of the community
Look It Up October 2022
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Bringing value to our customers

Affordable Advertising

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a disasterous impact on many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Many businesses struggle to have their product or service seen because they simply cannot afford advertising spaces. Our advertisement map-driven products offer affordable advertising rates making them attractive to a wide range of businesses.

promote your business

Full Colour

Our products are printed on high quality paper which brings out the colour vibrancy of your advertisement to attract your customers. We believe that people are more likely to keep printed media that is printed on high quality paper for longer period of time. Ultimately, this means that your advertisement is in the hands of people for longer.

Location Map

Many traditional print advertising products do not show the location of businesses, which makes it difficult for the reader to know where a business can be found. Our products are unique because they feature maps which can be used to pinpoint the location of your business, improving the effectiveness of your advertisement.


Classified Advertising

We offer classified advertising which is much cheaper than large display advertisements. Classified advertising is suitable for businesses, artisans or freelancers to advertise their service or product.

Large Print Quantity

Our products have large print quantities which is targetted to the general public or they can be directed to a specific audience upon request. This makes our products highly flexible, efficient and effective.



We have many different strategies to distrubute our products using our reputable distribution partners. These range from door-to-door distribution to large-scale person-to-person distribution in high-traffic areas. This puts your advertisement in the hands of the community through our targetted distribution programmes.

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